Ph.D. Thesis Student

Xiaochen Yang (Ph.D. candidate, Purdue Statistics; co-advised with Fei Xue; 2021.1–present)

Graduate Research Assistants

Zirui Fan (Ph.D. student, Purdue Statistics; 2021.3–present)

Danyang Wang (Ph.D. student, Purdue Statistics; 2021.5–2021.12)

Zhenyi Wu (Ph.D. student, Purdue Statistics; 2021.5–present)

Xiaochen Yang (Ph.D. candidate, Purdue Statistics; 2021.8–present)

Carlos Copana (Master student, Purdue Statistics; 2021.10–present)

Aishwarya Ramasethu (Master student, Purdue Statistics; 2021.10–present)

Yujue Li (Incoming Ph.D. student, Purdue Statistics; 2021.10–present)

Yuxin Guo (Ph.D. student, Purdue PULSe Program, the Paschou Lab; 2022.3–present)

Ju'An Shu (Ph.D. student, Purdue Statistics; 2022.3–present)

Shan Su (Master student, Purdue Statistics; 2022.5–present)

Undergraduate Researchers

Ziyue Tan (Undergraduate student, University of Science and Technology of China; 2022.3–present)

Xieheng Wang (Undergraduate student, Tsinghua University; 2022.4–present)

Chun Wang (Undergraduate student, Purdue Mathematics/Data Science; 2022.5–resent)

Xiyao Wang (Undergraduate student, Purdue Computer Science/Data Science; 2022.5–present)

Bingxuan Li (Undergraduate student, Purdue Computer Science/Data Science; 2022.5–present)

As Committee Member

Zhiyu Yang (Master student, Purdue Statistics/Ph.D. student, Purdue Biological Science; 20202021. Now Post-doctoral researcher with the DSGE Lab at FIMM)

Fan Wu (Ph.D. student, Purdue Statistics; Ongoing)

professional activities

Ad-Hoc Reviewer

The numbers in parentheses indicate the count of manuscripts reviewed, excluding revisions.

Annals of Applied Statistics, Artficial Intelligence In Medicine, Bioinformatics, Biometrika, Brain and Behavior, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, F1000 Research, Frontiers in Genetics (2), Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience, Frontiers in Neuroscience (2), Frontiers in Nutrition, Frontiers in Psychiatry, Frontiers in Radiology, Genome Medicine, Journal of Nonparametric Statistics, Journal of the American Statistical Association (2), Pacfic Symposium on Biocomputing, Statistics in Medicine, and Statistical Sinica.