Student-Led Projects

Juan Shu et al., Multi-organ genetic causal connections inferred from imaging and clinical data through Mendelian randomization (2023). medRxiv. LINK Website

Yujue Li et al., Analyzing bivariate cross-trait genetic architecture in GWAS summary statistics with the BIGA cloud computing platform (2023). bioRxiv. LINK Website

Xiaochen Yang et al., Developing and sharing polygenic risk scores for 4,206 brain imaging-derived phenotypes for 400,000 UK Biobank subjects not participating in the imaging study (2023). medRxiv. LINK Website

Zirui Fan et al., Mapping sleep's phenotypic and genetic links to the brain and heart: a systematic analysis of multimodal brain and cardiac images in the UK Biobank (2022). medRxiv. LINK Website


Ph.D. Thesis Students

Xiaochen Yang (Purdue Statistics; co-advised with Fei Xue; 2021.1–present)

Zirui Fan (UPenn Statistics & Data Science; 2021.3–present)

Yujue Li (Purdue Statistics; co-advised with Fei Xue; 2021.10–present)

Buxin Su (UPenn Math/AMCS; 2022.6–present)

Graduate Students 

Zhenyi Wu (Ph.D. student, Purdue Statistics; 2021.5–present)

Carlos Copana (Master student, Purdue Statistics; 2021.10–present)

Yuxin Guo (Ph.D. student, Purdue PULSe Program, the Paschou Lab; 2022.3–present)

Ju'An Shu (Ph.D. student, Purdue Statistics; 2022.3–present)

Eddie Yang (Master student, UPenn Engineering, Data Science; 2022.9–present)

Danyang Wang (Ph.D. student, Purdue Statistics; 2021.5–2021.12)

Shan Su (Master student, Purdue Statistics; 2022.5–2022.12)

Dezheng Ding (Master student, UPenn ESE, Systems Engineering; 2022.9–2022.12)

Undergraduate Researchers

Xiyao Wang (Purdue Computer Science/Data Science; 2022.5–present)

Bingxuan Li (Purdue Computer Science/Data Science; 2022.5–present)

Yijun Fan (Fudan University; 2022.7–present)

Ethan Yu (Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring Program; 2023.4–present)

Aravind Krishnan (Wharton Research Scholars program; 2023.4–present

Xieheng Wang (Tsinghua University; 2022.4–2022.12)

Chun Wang (Purdue Mathematics/Data Science; 2022.5–2022.12)

As Committee Member

Kai Xia (Ph.D. Student, UNC Biostatistics; 2021.8–present)

Zhiyu Yang (Master student, Purdue Statistics/Ph.D. student, Purdue PULSe Program and Biological Science; 20202021. Now Post-doctoral researcher with the DSGE Lab at FIMM)